Monday, February 18, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Valentine's Day!

So before I get to the Valentine's post on Friday night grandpa, Danny and I (grandma is on Jenny Craig so she didn't come) went to brick oven pizza for dinner.  Afterward, we went to the mall the boys went to Dick's and I stopped in Sephora to look at new stuff and try out foundations and get lots of free samples:) so as we were leaving grandpa was looking at some golf clubs and I snapped a few shots of him "testing" out the products! :P

  So this year we both had work and school on Valentine's so we opted to celebrate on Saturday!
Here's right before we left they are a bit blurry :/ but this was the beginning of our day!

 We always have to have one good picture and then one of  Danny being goofy!
I decided we should go and have a spa day so we booked a "Couples Retreat" We got massages and then pedicures with treats (and since it's the weekend we could have them) :)

 Here is Danny finding his center before our massages!
 and this is our pedicure room.. Danny soaking his toes! :)
 And here is our platter of treats! Which I admittedly ate most of! :) :P
 My feet and little rose petals!
After our spa treatment we went and got lunch at Red Robin! YUMMMM!:P
Here is Danny enjoying his wrap!

And after Danny took me to see Safe Haven!! :) awwwww such a cute movie! So glad we saw it!

 and here are our little Valentine's monkeys! :)
After everything we came home and watched the All-Star.... stuff... the skills contest and three point contest and such which was fun... although the dunk contest was not all that impressive if you ask me!

We are so blessed and I'm so grateful I got to spend the Day of Love with the one I love!! It was such a fun day with just the two of us! :) 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Hair cut, Jazz Game, Dance

Okay so lots going on lately!!:) Dance is going great we're gearing up for performing and competitions soon and we have dresses under construction so to speak and this is our logo which is going onto the dress! It's a really dark picture but you get the idea! I love it, it's so different and our whole school theme is leaving your legacy, and the tree just goes so well with that and I'm really happy with it! :)

This last week we went to a Jazz game with Grandpa. I actually sat with grandpa and Danny sat with a friend! :P  We parked right across the street from the stadium... grandpa flashes some bogus jazz parking card and the guy lets him park there apparently. :P

 Here is the picture of Danny in his seat from where we were sitting! And my ticket for the night!  Pretty sure we lost the game that night...

We also did Teppanyaki this week.  With Grandma, grandpa, my mom and dad, and Ashton. We love our sushi! :P
 Danny being goofy!
 Just getting there or just about to leave not sure but we're all ready for the cold! :P

I just had to include these because I think they're hilarious.  Danny was sitting fixing our dresser and Teddy is peaking out around the corner... but only with one eye... 
 Here's kind of the explanation of what he's sitting on :P 
 and here is a quick shot of Danny I always get shots of him unexpectedly and he always looks so scary!!!
Lastly... on a side note.. I've been debating cutting my hair off... I'm kind of over the long hair thing and I love love love pixie cuts right now! I'm like obsessed... but I don't think I'm going to do it... I don't know just.. I dunno if I want to wash it everyday... but it's sooo CUTE! I don't know the jury is still out on this one! Plus Danny like the long hair... although now he says he's going to convince me to cut it... which now that I know that isn't likely!!! :P

I'm so ready for SPRING AND SUMMER!! Couldn't come soon enough!!  OH and I got a carry on bag for Germany this week!!! I love it!!! It's going to be great for traveling and keeping al the stuff I need for the loong flight!
Anyway, that's what has been going on this last week!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quinoa Salad

This is another of our favorites right now! Danny likes it more than I do... He takes it to work for lunch everyday that he goes.  It's good cold! :) I think I might have posed this already, it was one of the first recipes we tried, from forks over knives website!

*I use a 1 and 1/4 of the same white quinoa 
and half the Cumin it calls for I'm not the biggest fan of cumin.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Favorite Lasagna

This is our favorite lasagna so far.  It's really easy to make.  Let me to say, I don't mind if products are made on the same machinery as eggs ect.  I just try to stay away from foods that are made with eggs, milk or meat.

 Here is everything you need:
Tomato sauce
spinach (9oz.)
Tofu (I use the kind from Walmart) I use about half of a 12 oz because it's just too strong otherwise.
Italian spices (like oregano, basil mix) you probably can find a recipe online and make your own)
Lime juice

 Start by making the noodles, I usually make around 14, and let them boil for around 8 mins.
 While that's boiling, I mix the tofu, spinach together. I usually do it when the spinach is softer but still frozen. You'll have to experiment with that because lots of times people thaw it completely and then squeeze the water out... I've never had to do that, but if your dish ends up watery that could be why.
 After the noodles are done cooking, I lay them in layers with paper towels so that they don't get everything watery.
  Then add 2 tbsp of seasoning, a couple tbsp of garlic and a couple squirts of of lime juice. I just kind of do it to taste I really like garlic so I tend to put in more :P and a little bit of sauce so it's not dry but still sticks together.
 Then a little sauce over a warm pan. I usually use the same one I boiled the noddles in.
 Then it's time to roll the noodles I usually take a fork full and put it on the end of the noodle...
 and then just roll..
 it up!
 It takes a few times making this to figure out how much so you don't have mix left. My last few rolls end up being really big usually!:P

Then put the roll seam side down so it doesn't unroll into the warm sauce pan. It's set on all the way low.

 Here are all my little rolls in my pan!

 Then the rest of the sauce goes over it and on the sides you don't want it to be dry!

Cover for about 7-8 mins so everything simmers together...
Then your done!!!!

These actually refrigerate and re-heat really well too.  I make this and we eat it twice for dinner and a couple lunches between the two of us!

Let me know if you try it!!! :YUMMY!! :P

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lambourne's Loop: Fishy Crackers, Temple, Dinner

So I've been doing weekly posts just about random weekly happenings.  I'm going to title these posts Lambourne's Loop.
 This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple.  It was so lovely and very very much needed. I always feel better after going to the temple and I feel like our marriage goes so much more smoothly when we regularly attend.

Here are some pictures of us squinting :P

 And the temple...

We picked up my Dad from the airport on Saturday and went to a restaurant in Salt Lake called Christopher.  It was great! Very busy but that left plenty of time for all of us to chat.  Especially about the recent home break-ins of one of Grandpa's friends in the ward. He actually shot a gun a few times!!

Grandpa also had an interesting experience leaving the blow torch on and burning a hole in the cabinet next to a couple of butane tanks!!! Luckily, he realized it before any bad damage was done. 

Saturday I had a makeup class for the dancers that I teach because we had to cancel a class due to weather. One of the cute girls brought in cupcakes and a bowl of fruit with milk-less chocolate for me! It was so cute! We all sat around and talked and ate our cupcakes! :P

Speaking of food... during the week Danny and I are still not eating meat or dairy during the week, but I came home the other night and found this on the counter?? Apparently he's in desperate need of flavored fish?!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fitting for February???

Introducing myself, Danny.

You want a blog, I’ll give you a blog. WINK* 

So, I’ve been talking with a friend of mine the past few weeks about something he’s up against. DIVORCE. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers and he and his wife were married about… five years ago. I HAD NO IDEA they were teetering on the marriage cliff. When I say “marriage cliff” I mean the point where one or both spouses decides to jump off this metaphorical cliff, a cliff that usually merits a no return policy. Keep in mind this cliff is very different from the marriage claiming cliff. The “marriage claiming cliff” is a cliff that one or both spouses inches ever so close to before…………….. BAM it shows its concaving, jagged rock, cactus filled edge. This cliff is usually the benefactor of poor choices, regret, and long painful hikes back up its gross terrain. As bizarre as it sounds the “marriage claiming cliff” has a return policy, although it’s strict and void after 30 days, and it’s the better of the two cliffs.

I’m writing about this because it takes something that pulls at my core, my good and bad emotions, or my interest to actually write. I spoke to my friend again yesterday and I was heartbroken, even more heartbroken than before, because he told me that she (his wife) told him that she’s DONE. They’re going to divorce. This poor poor man. My friend. My buddy. My chum. Let it be known that I DON’T KNOW THE DETAILS BEHIND THIS DECISION and most of them are not my business, but I do know this; my friend is a good man, his wife is a good lady, they were happy at one point, they were good for each other, he wanted nothing more than to remain married to her, to work through-around-between-under-whatever their problems, and to be the husband she needed. Unfortunately, all that I do know is that she decided to jump off the “marriage cliff”. Whether or not this is the right choice isn’t for me to say, per say, but I will defend marriage, I will be there for my friend, I will say the things that no one wants to say to him, and I will tell him where he could be better, how, and why.

The “marriage cliff” doesn’t care what happens to the person left standing on its top. The “marriage cliff” doesn’t give advice, it doesn’t tell you what happened, it doesn’t make you home made soup or lick your wounds. The “marriage cliff” however does elicit something that even the strongest, most stubborn, most unseeing (I’m talking 0/0 vision here in both eyes), and most pure and virtuous of people would benefit greatly from.  The “marriage cliff” elicits something called CHANGE. As I mentioned earlier the “marriage cliff” has a no return policy, this applies for both the kamikaze jumper and the one who watched it all happen, maybe even the one who pushed the jumper to the edge. Neither party gains re-admittance and generally neither party should request a return.

I, like my friend, have had my own “marriage cliff” story scripted, filmed, edited, run, re-run, filmed again, cancelled film, and finally my “marriage cliff” story was just filmed. Unscripted, unedited, and real. It hurt to watch. It was more painful than climbing back up the “marriage claiming cliff” would have ever been with its sharp edges, thorns, and thistles. Remember there’s a no return policy for the “marriage cliff”, the “marriage cliff” elicits only CHANGE. For all parties involved. For some of us, this means that our “marriage cliff” film – although painful to watch, you can’t turn away, not if it’s your unscripted, unedited, and real film. You have to watch because the only thing elicited by the “marriage cliff” is what again? CHANGE. You have to change. There’s a NO RETURN POLICY. If your “marriage cliff” film is unscripted, unedited, and real you’ll get exactly what you need from it. Exactly what the Man who stores the films would have you get. Also noteworthy, you can share your film with others, for their benefit (benefit being the choice of the viewer to make).  If your “marriage cliff” film is scripted, edited, run, re-scripted, re-edited, and re-run you’re likely taxing the “marriage cliff” for a return. That’s against policy. The “marriage cliff” will promptly flash RETURN VOID - CHANGE REQUIRED.  If you’ve found yourself at the edge of the “marriage cliff”, or anywhere near it, remember there’s a NO RETURN policy and it will only merit CHANGE.

For my friend: I feel for you, I cry with you, and I hope for you. I’m always here to help. I’m not the Man who stores the film, but I do have a film you can borrow. I’ll even watch it with you.