Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fitting for February???

Introducing myself, Danny.

You want a blog, I’ll give you a blog. WINK* 

So, I’ve been talking with a friend of mine the past few weeks about something he’s up against. DIVORCE. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers and he and his wife were married about… five years ago. I HAD NO IDEA they were teetering on the marriage cliff. When I say “marriage cliff” I mean the point where one or both spouses decides to jump off this metaphorical cliff, a cliff that usually merits a no return policy. Keep in mind this cliff is very different from the marriage claiming cliff. The “marriage claiming cliff” is a cliff that one or both spouses inches ever so close to before…………….. BAM it shows its concaving, jagged rock, cactus filled edge. This cliff is usually the benefactor of poor choices, regret, and long painful hikes back up its gross terrain. As bizarre as it sounds the “marriage claiming cliff” has a return policy, although it’s strict and void after 30 days, and it’s the better of the two cliffs.

I’m writing about this because it takes something that pulls at my core, my good and bad emotions, or my interest to actually write. I spoke to my friend again yesterday and I was heartbroken, even more heartbroken than before, because he told me that she (his wife) told him that she’s DONE. They’re going to divorce. This poor poor man. My friend. My buddy. My chum. Let it be known that I DON’T KNOW THE DETAILS BEHIND THIS DECISION and most of them are not my business, but I do know this; my friend is a good man, his wife is a good lady, they were happy at one point, they were good for each other, he wanted nothing more than to remain married to her, to work through-around-between-under-whatever their problems, and to be the husband she needed. Unfortunately, all that I do know is that she decided to jump off the “marriage cliff”. Whether or not this is the right choice isn’t for me to say, per say, but I will defend marriage, I will be there for my friend, I will say the things that no one wants to say to him, and I will tell him where he could be better, how, and why.

The “marriage cliff” doesn’t care what happens to the person left standing on its top. The “marriage cliff” doesn’t give advice, it doesn’t tell you what happened, it doesn’t make you home made soup or lick your wounds. The “marriage cliff” however does elicit something that even the strongest, most stubborn, most unseeing (I’m talking 0/0 vision here in both eyes), and most pure and virtuous of people would benefit greatly from.  The “marriage cliff” elicits something called CHANGE. As I mentioned earlier the “marriage cliff” has a no return policy, this applies for both the kamikaze jumper and the one who watched it all happen, maybe even the one who pushed the jumper to the edge. Neither party gains re-admittance and generally neither party should request a return.

I, like my friend, have had my own “marriage cliff” story scripted, filmed, edited, run, re-run, filmed again, cancelled film, and finally my “marriage cliff” story was just filmed. Unscripted, unedited, and real. It hurt to watch. It was more painful than climbing back up the “marriage claiming cliff” would have ever been with its sharp edges, thorns, and thistles. Remember there’s a no return policy for the “marriage cliff”, the “marriage cliff” elicits only CHANGE. For all parties involved. For some of us, this means that our “marriage cliff” film – although painful to watch, you can’t turn away, not if it’s your unscripted, unedited, and real film. You have to watch because the only thing elicited by the “marriage cliff” is what again? CHANGE. You have to change. There’s a NO RETURN POLICY. If your “marriage cliff” film is unscripted, unedited, and real you’ll get exactly what you need from it. Exactly what the Man who stores the films would have you get. Also noteworthy, you can share your film with others, for their benefit (benefit being the choice of the viewer to make).  If your “marriage cliff” film is scripted, edited, run, re-scripted, re-edited, and re-run you’re likely taxing the “marriage cliff” for a return. That’s against policy. The “marriage cliff” will promptly flash RETURN VOID - CHANGE REQUIRED.  If you’ve found yourself at the edge of the “marriage cliff”, or anywhere near it, remember there’s a NO RETURN policy and it will only merit CHANGE.

For my friend: I feel for you, I cry with you, and I hope for you. I’m always here to help. I’m not the Man who stores the film, but I do have a film you can borrow. I’ll even watch it with you. 


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