Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Favorite Lasagna

This is our favorite lasagna so far.  It's really easy to make.  Let me to say, I don't mind if products are made on the same machinery as eggs ect.  I just try to stay away from foods that are made with eggs, milk or meat.

 Here is everything you need:
Tomato sauce
spinach (9oz.)
Tofu (I use the kind from Walmart) I use about half of a 12 oz because it's just too strong otherwise.
Italian spices (like oregano, basil mix) you probably can find a recipe online and make your own)
Lime juice

 Start by making the noodles, I usually make around 14, and let them boil for around 8 mins.
 While that's boiling, I mix the tofu, spinach together. I usually do it when the spinach is softer but still frozen. You'll have to experiment with that because lots of times people thaw it completely and then squeeze the water out... I've never had to do that, but if your dish ends up watery that could be why.
 After the noodles are done cooking, I lay them in layers with paper towels so that they don't get everything watery.
  Then add 2 tbsp of seasoning, a couple tbsp of garlic and a couple squirts of of lime juice. I just kind of do it to taste I really like garlic so I tend to put in more :P and a little bit of sauce so it's not dry but still sticks together.
 Then a little sauce over a warm pan. I usually use the same one I boiled the noddles in.
 Then it's time to roll the noodles I usually take a fork full and put it on the end of the noodle...
 and then just roll..
 it up!
 It takes a few times making this to figure out how much so you don't have mix left. My last few rolls end up being really big usually!:P

Then put the roll seam side down so it doesn't unroll into the warm sauce pan. It's set on all the way low.

 Here are all my little rolls in my pan!

 Then the rest of the sauce goes over it and on the sides you don't want it to be dry!

Cover for about 7-8 mins so everything simmers together...
Then your done!!!!

These actually refrigerate and re-heat really well too.  I make this and we eat it twice for dinner and a couple lunches between the two of us!

Let me know if you try it!!! :YUMMY!! :P

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