Monday, February 18, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Valentine's Day!

So before I get to the Valentine's post on Friday night grandpa, Danny and I (grandma is on Jenny Craig so she didn't come) went to brick oven pizza for dinner.  Afterward, we went to the mall the boys went to Dick's and I stopped in Sephora to look at new stuff and try out foundations and get lots of free samples:) so as we were leaving grandpa was looking at some golf clubs and I snapped a few shots of him "testing" out the products! :P

  So this year we both had work and school on Valentine's so we opted to celebrate on Saturday!
Here's right before we left they are a bit blurry :/ but this was the beginning of our day!

 We always have to have one good picture and then one of  Danny being goofy!
I decided we should go and have a spa day so we booked a "Couples Retreat" We got massages and then pedicures with treats (and since it's the weekend we could have them) :)

 Here is Danny finding his center before our massages!
 and this is our pedicure room.. Danny soaking his toes! :)
 And here is our platter of treats! Which I admittedly ate most of! :) :P
 My feet and little rose petals!
After our spa treatment we went and got lunch at Red Robin! YUMMMM!:P
Here is Danny enjoying his wrap!

And after Danny took me to see Safe Haven!! :) awwwww such a cute movie! So glad we saw it!

 and here are our little Valentine's monkeys! :)
After everything we came home and watched the All-Star.... stuff... the skills contest and three point contest and such which was fun... although the dunk contest was not all that impressive if you ask me!

We are so blessed and I'm so grateful I got to spend the Day of Love with the one I love!! It was such a fun day with just the two of us! :) 


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