Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lambourne Loop: New Years and Baby Shower

So I'm getting this post up a little late but better late than never right?

On Years Eve we played this crazy game where you have to guess the card thats in the headband… good times.. it was pretty hysterical. 

After that we played a game on the Wii where you have to run, do the long jump, throw javelin ect. And it videos it and played it back at the end which was soooo funny to watch.

We also saw FROZEN!! It was soooo cute both Danny and I really liked the movie! We saw it in an awesome theatre that had huge reclining seats and arm rests that came up so it was like watching on a really comfortable couch! It was soooo cool! 

We also had the great opportunity to help throw a baby shower for one of my good friends!!  It was for all the church ladies in our neighborhood!  I was soooo excited to help!!!!! Danny did most of the decorating because, lets be honest he is way way better at it than me! It was really fun and I'm so glad we got to help with it. So here are some pictures before the shower started

All in all not too eventful which has been nice after the crazy holidays! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Reflection

This year has been full! Danny and I had a rocky start to the year and struggled a lot through the middle of the year but I'm happy to say towards the end we have grown and learned a lot and have been able to work together in various ways.  I'm grateful for Danny and for our little journey that we've begun, it's been a crazy ride and I'm grateful that Danny and I get to do it together.

January 2013 started out with my BIRTHDAY! I turned 24 last year.... which means I'm going to be 25 this month!!! AHHHHHH!!

We also had our very first Valentine's Day together which was a very fun and relaxing day spent and the spa! :)

We also made a BIG trip this year! We visited New York and Germany for WIDA Championships in Dusseldorf it was AMAZING!

Picture in New York near the Twin Towers site

There I am on the right getting ready to judge!

After many many many years, it was a dream come true to finally see my dance teacher again! It was the most amazing experience to see him again. Words can't even express.

Me on the riverboat in Germany

Danny on the riverboat... with Grandpa's hat!

One of the fun restaurants we went to while in Germany!
Ice cream time!! in.... GERMANY hahaha

And Chocolate tree... in GERMANY!!

On our way home from Germany, while we were in the New York airport. The Boston marathon bombing happened.  It was very crazy being in the airport when it happen a lot of tension.

Danny turned 26!!!!

We also held our very first local competition. Stressful, but man was it fun!! 
In case you're wondering my student is the one in the middle.. with the big trophy.... with the one under her ;) ahahah 

Family Reunion 

We found our street!!

 I got my wisdom teeth out!!! :(

Danny and I had our 1st year anniversary. 

 We made some new friends that we absolutely love!

My brother went into the Air Force and graduated boot camp

My dance company went to CA for a compeition

Danny and I started renting a new studio and put a lot of work getting it put together!

One of our really good friends got sealed in the TEMPLE! It was an amazing amazing day!

My Uncle Jason FINALLY got married!

 Danny and I went to a John Legend concert!!!

Danny took me for my first ever black Friday shopping.

I also got to talk to my biological Dad on the phone for the first time this year.

Danny did A LOT of schooling this year! He only has two more classes until he graduates with his MASTERS YAHOOOOO!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Here's to making 2014 a better year! :D