Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Hair cut, Jazz Game, Dance

Okay so lots going on lately!!:) Dance is going great we're gearing up for performing and competitions soon and we have dresses under construction so to speak and this is our logo which is going onto the dress! It's a really dark picture but you get the idea! I love it, it's so different and our whole school theme is leaving your legacy, and the tree just goes so well with that and I'm really happy with it! :)

This last week we went to a Jazz game with Grandpa. I actually sat with grandpa and Danny sat with a friend! :P  We parked right across the street from the stadium... grandpa flashes some bogus jazz parking card and the guy lets him park there apparently. :P

 Here is the picture of Danny in his seat from where we were sitting! And my ticket for the night!  Pretty sure we lost the game that night...

We also did Teppanyaki this week.  With Grandma, grandpa, my mom and dad, and Ashton. We love our sushi! :P
 Danny being goofy!
 Just getting there or just about to leave not sure but we're all ready for the cold! :P

I just had to include these because I think they're hilarious.  Danny was sitting fixing our dresser and Teddy is peaking out around the corner... but only with one eye... 
 Here's kind of the explanation of what he's sitting on :P 
 and here is a quick shot of Danny I always get shots of him unexpectedly and he always looks so scary!!!
Lastly... on a side note.. I've been debating cutting my hair off... I'm kind of over the long hair thing and I love love love pixie cuts right now! I'm like obsessed... but I don't think I'm going to do it... I don't know just.. I dunno if I want to wash it everyday... but it's sooo CUTE! I don't know the jury is still out on this one! Plus Danny like the long hair... although now he says he's going to convince me to cut it... which now that I know that isn't likely!!! :P

I'm so ready for SPRING AND SUMMER!! Couldn't come soon enough!!  OH and I got a carry on bag for Germany this week!!! I love it!!! It's going to be great for traveling and keeping al the stuff I need for the loong flight!
Anyway, that's what has been going on this last week!!


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