Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lambourne Loop: My birthday,Danny's Work Trip and BABIES

 SO I'm a couple weeks behind on my blogging, it's been a fun and crazy couple of weeks with a lot going on!

My birthday being on of them… I'm 25…. 25… years old… crazy
Danny threw me a surprise birthday party. My friend katie took me to the movies while, everyone set up! It was so sweet!

These were his decorations they were super cute you can't quite see them, but it says Happy Birthday! 

Some of the gang! sorry it's blurry

Blowing out the candles!

Riot in his party favor beenie from the decorations! 

After the party and food we played games.  The girls WHIPPED the boys at Mad Gab per usual! :P

Here is my cake from family Sunday dinner!! So PINK AND SPARKLEY!

And the ADORABLE cupcakes one of my cute dancers made for dance class to celebrate my birthday!

Danny went to his first rodeo, that he remembers! It was so fun we went with Katie and Jason and it was so much fun to watch Danny react to all the bull riders getting hurt!

In the last couple weeks Danny had a business trip in CA.  He got to fly in the little plane and he took some fun pictures!

Danny had school on Tuesday night and I got to go to a play with my parents! It was called The Foreigner

Here is the stage

Mom and I at the play!

We also had not one but TWO need additions to our circle of friends this weekend!

Congratulations Annie and Cam

  He is such a little angel!! Look at that cute face!!

And ...

Congratulations to Kallie and Jordan


We are so excited for you guys and that your little guys are happy and healthy!

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