Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lambourne's Loop: Fishy Crackers, Temple, Dinner

So I've been doing weekly posts just about random weekly happenings.  I'm going to title these posts Lambourne's Loop.
 This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple.  It was so lovely and very very much needed. I always feel better after going to the temple and I feel like our marriage goes so much more smoothly when we regularly attend.

Here are some pictures of us squinting :P

 And the temple...

We picked up my Dad from the airport on Saturday and went to a restaurant in Salt Lake called Christopher.  It was great! Very busy but that left plenty of time for all of us to chat.  Especially about the recent home break-ins of one of Grandpa's friends in the ward. He actually shot a gun a few times!!

Grandpa also had an interesting experience leaving the blow torch on and burning a hole in the cabinet next to a couple of butane tanks!!! Luckily, he realized it before any bad damage was done. 

Saturday I had a makeup class for the dancers that I teach because we had to cancel a class due to weather. One of the cute girls brought in cupcakes and a bowl of fruit with milk-less chocolate for me! It was so cute! We all sat around and talked and ate our cupcakes! :P

Speaking of food... during the week Danny and I are still not eating meat or dairy during the week, but I came home the other night and found this on the counter?? Apparently he's in desperate need of flavored fish?!

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