Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crazy Weather, Date Night and Friends

Holy Hannah! It's been so crazy with the weather!  We had freezing rain this week. I had to cancel dance because there was so much ice it was INSANE! There were huge salt trucks sliding down the road sideways! Danny didn't go into work on Thursday because it was so bad, he helped two ladies get their cars back on the road just outside our neighborhood. It was crazy the drive ways just looked a little wet but when you stepped on them they were just pure ICE.  Because of all the freezing rain it froze all the snow so there is like a coating of ice over the snow and it looks super shiny! 

 Here is a dark picture but you can see  how shiny the snow is!

It's also been really foggy, here are a couple of pictures right before all the snow rolled in it was very foggy and dark, now it's just been snowing all day long while we were at church!

On Saturday I went to the church to watch Danny play basketball.  Saturday mornings are when he plays and I think it's really fun to watch him play with everyone! He smiles a lot and I can tell he really likes to play!  Then Danny did some homework and a few other things while my friend Annie and I went and got pedicures and got to catch up! It had been such a long time since we saw each other and it was so nice to have a chance to chat and catch up!:)

We really didn't want to stay out very late because of all the fog on Saturday night and Grandpa was at the Jazz game with a friend so Danny and I ran and got Sushi for me and grandma, and Red Robin for Danny.  We ate at home and then watched the Jazz game on TV and played Upwords together :)

Here's Danny watching the game while posing for the picture!! It was way fun to play together although we didn't get through all the tiles before we both got bored and didn't want to play anymore! :P

Here was our final board of words! It was a super fun date and we got to stay home where it was warm and relax! (and I won by 40 points) :)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Torie's Birthday Events

Okay so my birthday was Friday, and I haven't had time to blog about it so here it is!  

On my Birthday Danny took off work and we went and saw "The Impossible" It was the movie about the tsunami in Asia in 2005.. I think? Any way... gruesome movie...  It wasn't a documentary it was based off a true story of a family that survived the disaster.  The little boys were soooooo cute. But man it was very graphic...and exhausting it was so intense I literally was totally exhausted after seeing it!

After that Danny went and bought me flowers which he likes to do typically on Friday's.  Though this time he was definitely not impressed with the bouquet be bought.  When we got it home he rearranged them and took out the flowers he didn't like and put them in another vase.

After we got home I got to open my presents from Danny. I got a beautiful swarovski necklace of a shamrock, an awesome clock for the dance studio and, new dance clothes (YAY)!!!

For dinner we went to my favorite place Teppanyaki! Love their sushi!! yummy!!  (as a side note on the weekends we eat whatever we want because of family dinners and such) I didn't take pictures there because I forgot my my Mom, grandma and grandpa and Ashton were there. My Dad was in CA working.

The next day because we have multiple birthdays in January in our family we had a family dinner at a place called Ruth Chris.  We like that place and so we decided it would be fun to go there after we picked my Dad up from the airport!

 Here is me with my dessert! :P

And a picture of my decorated birthday plate! :P

I definitely ate way way too much but it was a fun night, after Danny and grandpa ended up going to the Jazz game from the restaurant and riding home with a friend from the ward!

All in all a pretty great birthday though... I'm getting OLD!! :P


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recent Happenings

All sorts of random things happening recently. First I got to see Danny play basketball for the first time! Very cool just church ball but it was still really cool! And he is way good! :) 
Here is Danny after playing being a goof in the drive way!

The week before that game Danny messed up his ankle pretty bad its all black and blue, so while he does his school reading he's been icing it!  Teddy is always so anxious to help!! :P

 This weekend on the 11th was also the day my Aunt Jenifer went in to the hospital to have a hysterectomy performed.  She's back home now and doing well.

On the 12th my parents got into their new house!!  Lots of moving and people around to help!  We're so glad they finally got into their new home.  They are still unpacking but they're home!!

Picture of all the snow everyone was moving boxes just to the right of the picture but the snow was so pretty I had to take a picture!

This was actually dinner we had three of four of the Subway catering trays but this was what was left at the end of the day and some people came and ate it for dinner!

Another picture of the snow... We had a HUGE storm this last weekend and it's been freezing! The pipes in the studio even froze luckily when I put the heater under the sink it thawed out and didn't do any damage!
We finally got the pilot on the fireplace relit after a few years... This is Teddy's new favorite spot!
Other than the freezing weather and my parents moving, the semester started back up for Danny and I'm on a huge organizing kick! With everything!! hahaha Especially our place since now my sisters have moved out and are in their new house, we have space again and we can actually unpack Danny's boxes! :P

Lots of planning for dance we are holding our own feis in May... I can't believe it! And I'm going to Germany to judge the World of Irish Dance Association's World Championship!!!! AHHHHH I'm so excited I can't even believe it!! :)


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Life Size Statue

Okay.  So one of my dancer's husband needed a model for a statue that he was creating for a dance studio.  She came to me and said they needed some one my exact size, weight blah blah.. and asked if I would do it! So I DID!!! Here are the pictures it turned out amazing...

Here is the molding and casting of the hand...

 and foot....

 and face... the face was crazy... I had mascara on and I guess the stuff adhered to the mascara... needless to say I left with few eyelashes less than I came with :P but no big deal totally worth it!

The finished face.... kind of weird to see myself in... stone?
The  finished feet

This is my favorite picture I love how the light hits it!

Placed in it's new home. :)

Such a cool experience! So grateful I had the opportunity to fill in as a model! :) And I am now forever a statue! :)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Party

We had such a blast for New Years!!

First off we went and saw Les Miserables with the family! WOW it was amazing! It was super weird though during Fantine's solo after she... gives herself away... the speaker in the theater goes crazy so her whole solo and the moment was totally ruined!  They ended up fixing it and rewinding it, though they didn't even take it back to the beginning of her solo which was a bummer.. Anyway it was such a great show the music was amazing.  It brought back a lot of memories of the band show we did that was Les Miserables themed :)

Here are the boys at the movie theatre being silly!
So after the movie, we all kind of ran around and did different things that we needed to get done and then my parents and family met up at Grandma's for dinner! All sorts of good food as usual! :)

We then started a game of Phase 10, Aunt Jen and Uncle Barney show up with delicious desserts from the buffalo wing place they ate for dinner and they popped in the dance game on the Wii!! Oh my gosh I was so done with Phase 10 at that point! We all played and had a blast!!! We probably played that for a good three hours it was so much fun. I don't have any pictures of the kids dancing but Aunt Jen took tons of video!
All the adults playing the dance game on Wii

That's my high score there in the center!! WHOOP!
Danny and I right after midnight! :)
It was a way fun day and night! I can't believe it's already a new year.... scary I turn 24 this year... When did I get to be so old?  I hope everyone had an awesome New Years too!!