Sunday, December 29, 2013

LAMBOURNE LOOP: Christmas, Family and Fun

What a fun week it has been! :) so many fun things going on and lots and family and friends to spend time with! This week was way fun!

To kick everything off we had the Lambourne family Christmas party.  Because the family has gotten so big we had our gathering a Brick Oven. It was a nice area where all the family could relax and enjoy dinner and each other.  For the white elephant gift we had two big dice and you had to try and roll doubles when you got it you stuck your balloon inside the panty hoes on grandpa head... Why you ask? I am not really sure that anyone knew... but it turned out the be pretty entertaining.

Here is Danny putting his balloon in to get his gift!
 We ended up getting a toilet brush cleaner and some HANGERS!! Danny was pretty excited about the hangers! This was a picture of the first balloon going in.

Then we had Christmas Eve...
My sisters and I filmed a video for my beauty channel! It was so fun to spend time with them and do this fun project.  This is a snapshot from the video I was talking and the other two smirking... common place.. :P

Then we had a Christmas Eve gathering at my Aunts house... I didn't get any pictures but it was super fun! I got to chat with one of my favorite cousins (Cassie) and play with her adorable little boy Jason!! :) We also sung Christmas carols and did a gift exchange after dinner! :) 

As is cusotmary after dinner and the rest of the families went home we went to my other aunts house to open our PJ's and do our "Throw the Orange Game" Danny started last year.  The whole family played (even grandma and grandpa) and it gets a little crazy but after a while the orange starts to break open and it smells amazing... and we have to switch oranges or mini oranges in this case.  Pretty sure we went though about 8 of them!

Our orange in action!

Then we have CHRISTMAS MORNING!! I wish I had gotten pictures of us all sitting around opening presents but I don't! But here is the Christmas tree :)

Here is Danny opening one of his favorite gifts later that afternoon from Grandma!! His beloved shoes!! He was pretty excited!! :D

Ash and Me!
My Aunt sitting on Logan!! :P

Danny's potato volcano at Christmas dinner!! :P

Here was a look down the one half of the table! So many AMAZING people!! LOVE them all!!

After Christmas dinner we did our present exchange and played with some things!  Then it took us around 2-3 days to recover from all the excitement and chaos!

Last night we went over to Kallie and Jordan's to FINALLY give them their Christmas gift and we ended up eating dinner and watching Despicable Me 2 since Danny had never seen it! :P Fun times we just love them!

So that was most of our festivities for the week! If I can find other pictures of Pj's and such I will insert them as I find them!  We hope everyone had a safe and warm holiday!


The Lambournes

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Puppy, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Fun with Friends

It has been such a fun week! We have been gearing up for Christmas and it has been a lot of fun! I love this time of year and it's been fun to spend it with Danny and do different things together.

First this is my quiche!! Turned out pretty well! :P I was really excited it turned out so well because I've been super sick and I was chatting with friends and not putting my full attention into making it (which for me often leads to disaster!

We watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2 this week! Both were on tv and it surprised me how much I liked them and it totally brought back Christmas memories for me!  Here is Dany watching the movie and a picture of one of the scenes! I have to take pictures or I just forget!

My ispy bag came this week! I love is subscription you get a bunch of beauty products for $10 a month, and they are alway really nice products that are ALWAYS worth more than $10.  It's fun to try new things ad they tailor it to your style! It's like Christmas once a month. Love it it's sooo fun!

While Grandma was down in CA working grandpa had her custom cabinets started our friend Jordan is super talented at construction and building things so he's doing it! This was amidst the process!

We got quite a bit of snow this week!! Here is the back yard all covered!!

And because it's been snowing Danny has been helping out with snow removal! Here he is in grandpa's BIG boots!! hahahaha 

 We got the CUUUTEST card from some of my family in Arkansas! I just thought it was so adorable I had to include it.  Although between dance families, our blood family, and friends we received a lot of very cute and thoughtful things this year!

Our friends Kallie and Jordan came over and we did gingerbread house.  Initially we had planned to do one per couple and then quickly realized that was not going to work out!! Luckily grandma has A TON of gingerbread kits so we busted out two more and everyone made their own!! It was quite the adventure!! 

Here are Kallie and Jordan hard at work!  HERE is a link to their blog!

 And here are the final products!!
May I just point out the lovely  add on Jordan created! Apparently it's called a dormer? COOL!

That's me on the back of Danny's. I was wearing a head band and he added me to the back?

Danny making faces at Kallie!

It was super fun and we're glad they came over and did it with us!!

Annie and I went shopping this Saturday and we stopped dead in our tracks to see beautiful HUGE perfect snow flakes!! It was sooo neat! They were beautiful here was the best picture we got I just thought it was so cool!

 After shopping Annie and I did a little Christmas wrapping together which was so fun!!:) Since we ALWAYS forget to take pictures together I just snapped this one of her wrapping! :)

 Our other friend Maren brought over the CUUUTEST little puppy she was dog-sitting.  She brought her over all snuggled up in her jackets and she was such a sweetheart.  She was soo disappointed when our kitty Teddy would play with her (Teddy was scared of the little puppy that was probably 1/6 of his size, what a wuss) I didn't snap very many pictures but here are a couple of Danny playing with her you can see how small she is!! I'm so glad Maren brought her over to play!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Sick, Holiday Activities

We went to Danny's usual Monday night basketball game which was fun as usual.  However, the team didn't do too well and Danny was pretty frustrated, but I had fun gabbing with the other wives.

So first off my Aunt was rummaging through some things this week and found this entry about me and my little cousin Elle I just thought it was  so sweet I had to save it!

I picked up these two festive nail polishes this week! I just thought they were so pretty!!

 I have been lucky enough to get some short gross sickness my head is killing and I'm achey all over and just want it to go away. So in my sickness stupor, my little kitty decided to snuggle with me while I slept.... I know I know someone went a little picture crazy.

This week was alway the studios Christmas Recital didn't go as great as I had planned but we learned a lot of interesting lessons and we had A LOT of new dancers who had never performed before so it was just a little crazy.

Not to mention I got to meet my sisters AMAZING dorm parents CORY AND GRETCHEN!! They are seriously such sweet and amazing people it was so nice of them to come out.  And Gretchen come to the Christmas recital and Cory went to the Jazz game with grandpa.

Last but not least, we had our Stake Christmas presentation for church.  I played a flute part for it... and was so tried after I just went home while Danny and grandpa stayed behind to watch the rest of the program. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the season and each other! :D

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Christmas Decorating, Snow, Vlogging with Friends

Last week started off with Rec Basketball for Danny.  I come and video the games.  His team is't very good but Danny loves to play. Here was the score from their last game they lost by 1!!  :/

Last week I also got an influenster box which had free products in it to review! Fun!!
I've also been working on my flute part for the Stake Fireside this coming Sunday.

We also got to help my Mom tie bows and cards on her packages for Festival of Trees!
Mckenzie Grandma and Mom at work.

Neighborhood Christmas Party! We came three hours early and helped set up for the party Our good friends Kallie and Jordan were there! Kallie sang a beautiful solo for the program! GO KALLIE! :) And we met some new young marrieds in the ward too!

It has snow quite a bit recently! I love the back yard lights shining from under the snow looks so peaceful!

Speaking of SNOW!! Here was the snow pile outside our studio door. I just laughed luckily I had a windshield scrapper in my car so I could get to the shovel inside!
 AND ...

We got the Christmas decorations up!!! We have a little apartment but it's still fun to decorate! 

 MORE snow pictures! I just can't believe how blue the sky gets! It has been EXTREMELY cold recently because it has dumped snow and then cleared out and been about 5 degrees in the middle of the day! Craziness!

I also got to film a Vlog (Video blog) with a friend of mine from down the street! She is the best! It's been so great to get to know her better here is the video!!

Until next week!!


From the Lambournes!