Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teddy's Great Adventure

           So.... someone in our neighborhood either is on the hunt for Teddy or is setting out traps to catch other animals and happened to catch Teddy.
            Now Teddy started out as an indoor cat but because he's so darn smart he learned how to open doors.  So unless every door in the entire house is locked he will open the door and walk right out.  Secondly, we haven't had great lucks with collars.  He will take off the collar, hide the ID tag under the bed, the collar outside in the flower beds, and the bell in-between the cushions of the couch!!!  So keeping a collar on the beast is a challenge.
           He got out Wednesday morning, and then didn't come back that night... which is really really weird for him.  We calked it up to him needed some space and left the dog door open so he could come in.  The next morning... still no Teddy so I'm getting really worried.  Thursday around noon I called the pound to see if they'd picked him up.  They said they hadn't picked up a cat by that description.  SO we waited and waited.... Still nothing... so I'm preparing for the worst.  Of course we prayed to help Teddy to come home, and I prayed probably 20 times that we'd find him.
          Friday rolls around and we still haven't seen any sign of Teddy.  We design a flyer that we were going to go put on all the neighbors doors to see if maybe someone had let them in their house or something.  Here is what the flyer looked like (minus my phone number) :P
 SO I was just about to go put the flyers out when I just felt like I should call the pound again.  Which I wasn't going to because they said they hadn't seen anything the day before.  But I decided to call anyway.  They said they had picked up five cats in our area and then they described one that sounded just like Teddy!!! I freaked out!!! I jumped in the car to see if it was! Sure enough there was my little

They had him in this little tiny crate and he was so so so scared!!! He was shaking and all his fur was falling out it was so sad :(

So after a $30 ticket for having a cat "off-leash" (ridiculous) a $30 ticket for not have proof of current rabies license (because he didn't have a collar or tags) and a $48 boarding fee (which should've only been $24 because I called to see if he was there before the second day), they let me take him home.
Napping after his traumatic experience he slept for two days!

The whole night after I brought him home he slept either right on my chest or right next to me!  We've been trying to keep him inside but we figured it's only a matter of time before he sneaks out so we went to the Petco and bought another collar and tag (probably the 6th or 7th I've boughten him) and harness and a leash!  We're gonna try and let him out and tie him up out back so he can still go outside but can't get out of the yard... we'll see if that works out... And if he does sneak out he's got a collar and ID tag so hopefully we can keep it on him, and keep him from the pound!
He's such a baby!

This was him last year enjoying some freshly juiced carrot juice!  One of my favorite pictures of him!
We're glad he's home and safe!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gratitude November

     Recently, on Facebook everyone has been posting what they are thankful for everyday for the month of November!  I think this is such a great idea!  I love reading all the things people are thankful for everyday.  So I thought I would use this post and update it with what I'm thankful for daily! :)

November 1st
Teaching Dance
I love teaching dance.  Sometimes it can get hectic, frustrating, disappointing and stressful.  But most of the time I get to work with the most awesome kids and families who are simply the greatest.  It's so rewarding to see the kids succeed and to watch them grow up.  It's so surreal at times to realize how much some of my students have grown over the last 4 years.

November 2nd
We got to go to dinner with an old friend of mine and her husband.  It's so fun to see old friends after an extended period of time and to see how they've grown, changed and developed.  Especially when you've known them since you were younger, they are the same... but different too! It's really kind of cool.

I also have a friend who is the most wonderful person ever!  No one is perfect but she is just absolutely amazing! I get to go to her house late after I teach on Thursdays and just chat about crazy life, family, frustrations, triumphs, coupon-ing, just whatever.   It is so wonderful to be able have that time to enjoy each other and to relieve some of the stress of everyday life!

November 3rd
Let me preface this by saying, I'm not your typical crazy girl shopper.  But Danny and I had a few things we needed to get and ended up going to The Gap, Sports Authority and Bath and Body Works.  We got a few few things we needed, but I was so so so so excited to go to Bath and Body Works to get some candles!! They had a sale where their big candles were half off and since I can't bare spending money for those candles at full cost I wait for the sale.  At any rate, I got some candles and I LOVE the smell of them!! It made me so EXCITED and happy I wanted to go straight home and light one.... which I did.  Now Danny is not the hugest fan of candles but he knew I was so excited and he play along!! But it was so fun to shop with Danny for the afternoon!

November 4th
The Gospel
Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints brings such comfort and security in and very uncertain world.  There is so much going on in the world today, but it's so nice to have the knowledge of the gospel and the peace that it brings.  I'm grateful to be able to feel of the blessings the gospel brings and the happiness it brings to my life.  It constantly helps refine me into a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher and ultimately a better servant unto God.  Nothing compares to the feeling of the spirit of the Holy Ghost as it teaches and guides.

November 5th
Dancers and their parents
I have some awesome kids that I get to teach.  Things aren't always easy, but they are always trying to be better and have fun along the way... I know I won't have them forever, but I love them while I have them!
Sometimes dance parents can be the most frustrating thing about my job.  But most of the time they are a great support system and are wonderful and understanding.  I got a particularly encouraging email from a dance parent today and it just boosted my spirits.  I'm grateful to be able to work with the kids of such amazing parents!

November 6th
My Wonderful Husband
My husband is the most wonderful person ever.  Things aren't always perfect but he always love me.  He always tries to be in a good mood.  Even though school can really suck the life out of him, he's trying to stay positive and battle through it.  He's going to be the best Dad there ever was (someday).  I'm super grateful that I have the greatest guy EVER!

November 7th
Getting to help others
I love surprising people when they are having a bad day.  It's just not always easy to know when people are having bad days but yesterday was one of those times.  My grandma had an awful day, she missed a flight because she forgot when it was and she got really frustrated because she had to pay even MORE money for a last minuet ticket that was already expensive.  There were other things that just compounded it all day.  So I decided she needed a blizzard.  My grandma loves blizzards and she just laughed when I brought it in for her! It made me feel so much better to get to do something nice and make her day just a little bit... less awful! :P

November 8th
Sports are a great way for Danny to relax and forget about the day.  After a long day at school or work it's great for him to kick back and unwind.  I grateful that he has that outlet to help him through this stressful time of grad school while working!

November 9th
Teddy is our wonderful kitty! He is so cute and loving and always good for a laugh!  Someone down the street is setting out traps and he got caught in one and had to spend two days at the pound until we found him! I was so mad because I had called the day before and they said he didn't have him.  But I'm so so so so so grateful that by a long shot we got him back, because he's the best kitty ever!

November 10th
Completing Projects
Yesterday was the last day of my 100 hour volunteer project at the Youth Correctional Facility for the State.  I have been teaching Irish Dance there since May and it's really nice to have completed the entire thing.  I will say though, it was very bitter-sweet leaving the kids I taught.

November 11th
Great Movies
 This time of year there are tons of great movies  on TV.  Danny and I watched the movie called The Ultimate Gift.  It was so good and had a great feel good message! I love that and wish they'd make more movies like that!

November 12th
Today I was at dance but for some reason the heater wasn't working :( Today I'm so grateful for a home that has heat! Granted some times it's set a little high, I'm grateful that I have it and don't know how I would survive without heat! I'm such a baby when it comes to cold weather!

November 13th
I have got to say... I'm the most unproductive person there is... Not for a lack of trying but man.  I get distracted so easily, I'll be doing one thing and another thing pops up, so I leave the first undone and start the second.  Then something else comes along and I leave the second undone to start the third... you see where this is going. :P But today I'm grateful that I was able to be productive I got everything on my to do list done today minus one thing, plus 6 other things that weren't on my list!!

November 14th
Getting Off Work Early
It's alway nice to get out of work early.  It just boosts my mood and lets me get more things done! I'm grateful that I had the extra time to relax and spend more time with Danny!

November 15th
 I know sounds so ridiculous... But I love all the ideas on there.  There are so many different things, from home decorating, recipes, organizing tip and uplifting quotes.  It just has so many things to offer!   Today I found a cardio workout to try with some of my advanced dancers.... It was a great challenge for them!! LOVE IT!

November 16th
 This may seem a little weird, since I don't play Volleyball, but my little sister is at the National Championships for college volleyball.  I got to watch her play via satellite!!!  It's such an awesome sport! And my sister ROCKED!! I can't even tell you how proud I was of her and her team!  You could just tell how much work and determination goes into every game, and I just have so much respect for athletes and all they do especially my little sister!

November 17th
The Temple
I got invited to go to the temple and help some friends out with family names! I just love everything about the temple! I love going with Danny, and learning new things all the time.  I love going with friends and doing the work that others can't do and I love the peace that is found there.  It just makes everything in life run more smoothly and gives me a better outlook, perspective and attitude about my life.

November 18th
A Wonderful Mattress
We FINALLY got a new mattress!   I'm just so grateful! We didn't have a bed big enough for both of us to sleep in... and we finally got one! It's so nice to be able to sleep together and get a good nights rest!! :D

November 19th
All the Wonderful People Who Support Me
I'm so very blessed to have so many people that support me and Danny.  I'm so grateful for everyones love, support, and concern.

November 20th
My Mom and Sisters
 I love my mom and sisters!  We all got to go pick up Allora from the airport for Thanksgiving then, we all went to In-n-out and the went and saw Breaking Dawn part 2!  It was so much fun!!!!  I'm so grateful to have amazing girls in my family!  My mom is wonderful, Allora is fantastic in every way, and Mckenzie is a true example of kindness and happiness! I love them all!!

November 21st
Sleeping In
 So I was up most of the night sick, not sure if it is the flu, or just In-n-out since I haven't eaten that stuff in so long! But I'm really grateful for being able to sleep in as late as I want till I feel better!

November 22
As much as I hate pictures I love taking family pictures!  Almost all of us were together for Thanksgiving and we got sooooo many pictures!  We got all the age groups with the cousins, aunts, uncles, just my family, just the girls, just the boys.. it was a blast!

November 23rd
Today is officially the day I can blast Christmas music start putting up decorations and no one can say anything about it!!! :) Heck yeah!!

November 24th
Happy Strangers
The teens/young adults did a mall scavenger hunt today!  It was sooo hilarious! We did the most outrageous things and it involved a lot of strangers!  It was so fun to do and we met lots of happy strangers that played along with our hunt and helped us out! It's so nice to see happy people around! :)

November 25th
Missionaries are just amazing! I have such respect for those who serve as LDS missionaries!  There are so many people who would never know the happiness that the gospel brings had it not been for the sacrifice that they make to serve missions and share the gospel all over the world! I'm so grateful for them and can't wait to serve a mission when I'm older with my husband!

November 26th
A Husband that is Amazing at Math
I had to do a lot of number crunching for dance and refunds for the holidays and all sorts of messy things! I got really frustrated, and Danny came in and helped me with it all! I'm so grateful for him and his help especially when it comes to numbers which I HATE!

November 27th
I've been really lucky, I haven't had too many health problems recently.  Other than a little cold and a few sick days, I've been pretty stable with my health which is such a blessing since that hasn't always been the case.  I'm grateful that I have been able to enjoy being healthy for so long.

November 28th
Lately I've been super tight and my lower back just kills me.  Stretching always helps. And stretching with the little rubber miracle balls releases all the tight muscles in my back and feels amazing!

November 29th
Encouraging Family Members
I had a surprise visit from my aunt today.  It was so nice of her just to drop in and chat for a little bit.  Before she left she said a few really encouraging things that really helped me.  I'm so grateful that I have family in my life that is encouraging and uplifting.

November 30th
Warm Home
I'm a sissy when it come to the cold.  I love that our apartment is super warm especially during these cold month.  We have a built in space heater in the bathroom that turns on when it gets to cold and I LOVE it!  Everywhere in our apartment is warm and I'm grateful that we have a wonderful warm place to live!

Well that sums up November! It's been a nice project.  Some of the things may seem kind of silly but it's really nice to ponder everyday and find things to be thankful for.