Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lambourne Loop

Just a jumble of things going on lately! Mostly getting ready for our trip to Germany soon! :)

Teddy has been his usual self! When he wants attention he decided to lay across grandma's puzzle till she pays attention! :)

My little sister had a project for school where they bring home a baby for a few days.... kind of weird.. They have sensors in them and they know what happens to the baby and it reflects in their grade. So they have to feed them and all this  stuff it's pretty interesting.  Here is my Mom holding her "grand baby"

St. Patricks Day show is over it went really well all of my dancers did amazing and the costuming all worked out and the world kept spinning! :) :P  Here is a picture of two of my little dancers stretching at the end of class before the performance!

We also had the final championships for church ball a couple weeks ago!:P Danny is such a good player it's really fun to watch him... even on his "bad" days!  This game they blew the other team out of the water!

The score was like 60- 40 but they took the score off the scoreboard right as I was taking a picture of it!

Danny and I went out for a Sunday drive to try and find some of the school houses he saw when he got lost in a neighborhood... we didn't find them but we found all these dear! It was so quiet and really cool to see them all out grazing!

 I got my hair done this week! It was time... :P I also cut my bangs which I don't have a picture of but I'm sure a lot of the Germany pictures will have my new bangs in them! :P This was a picture I took for Lisa :P

 Took this picture on my phone I just really liked it!  Keeps me remembering what I need to do to make sure that I'm infusing love, kindness and happiness into our marriage. I love quotes like this are there any quotes that you've been loving lately?


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Birthdays,Vanity Searching and Teddy!

SO we were just driving along searching for furniture stores to fine me a better vanity, and suddenly came upon this sign and had to take a picture!!

Here is Danny being.... Danny...

So March is a big birthday month in our family lots and lots of birthdays!  Grandpa's birthday as well as my younger siblings who are twins birthdays' were all last week!

We took grandpa out to Red Robin, which I'm pretty sure he picked because he knows Danny likes it and we don't go there as much because Grandma doesn't like it:P But here he is enjoying is Birthday dessert!

We also went to a Brazilian Restaurant for their birthday with the whole family! We even facetimed my sister who is away at college!

Danny and my Dad
 Danny and me.... looking at Danny through the camera! :P

 Posing for the camera

 Here is the rest of the table, at least the one side!

 Other than that a pretty mellow week! And Teddy hasn't been feeling great but here he is chillin on the couch!
 And giving Kitty kisses!!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where Have All the Children Gone?

An interesting article came up on facebook today, and for some reason I have felt very compelled to speak out about it!

The article is quite interesting and I recommend reading it!

When someone asked me why the article was so sad I just felt that it needed some exaplaination and I figured I would post it hear on my blog just to remember my thoughts and feelings at the time.

I just think it's sad that society as a whole doesn't see the joy that comes from having a family and especially kids. I feel that some women are not having children, when it's such a wonderful blessing and experience, just to be able to "do their own thing" or they don't want the responsibility that comes with it... I guess I'm just really blessed to see strong, independent women who have beautiful families with children and I see the happiness their children bring them. I just feel sad for those women who give all that up for something they think is better. They'll never know the selfless joy that comes from having another human be completely reliant on them, or the heartache that comes from a child that is their own flesh and blood tasting of life's failures. They'll never have that intimate connection with a spouse that only comes from raising a child together. Everyone has to make their own choice, that's right for them...but it's sad to me that the choice for so many women is to forego this joy for other things.

Now in saying this I don't think woman should never have careers or never have other hobbies or you should force woman to have children.  I just feel sad that more and more woman avoiding the wonderful opportunity of having children.  It's probably one of the most difficult things we as woman will ever be entrusted.  The emotional, physical and psychological difficulties last far beyond the infant stages but there is no other experience that can compare with that of raising a child...

Just my thoughts and opinions :)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Babies, Finals and Friends!

So I didn't do an update last week so this is from the last two weeks! :) Nothing really major has gone on but lots of little things here and there!

This was a clinic that I held at dance with all the dancers we did a lot of stregthening and thera-band work I had a lot of fun and I think the kids did too! :)

So Danny plays basketball on Wednesday nights so this particular day was a relaxing escape for me! Hot coco, my favorite candle EVER ( Marshmallow Fireside from B&BW) and Tuesdays with Morrie which I actually finished this night!! Such a great great book! Loved it!
 Danny loves Gerber Daisies so be brought some home  for Flower Friday!

 THEY FINALLY ARRIVED! Danny was having a lot of trouble with his feet and so we ordered him special Basketball shoes for his birthday that we got costume made they took about a month and a half to get here but he is soooo excited!!! I should've taken a picture of the shoe!! I will for a later post! They have his initials on them and his nickname on the tongue and stuff it's pretty cool!

 Makeup haul!!! I really haven't bought much makeup recently but I picked up a few things and I LOVE the sonia kashuk palette!!! It's from target, I think it's the only eye makeup I will bring to Germany with me! It has EVERYTHING I need for my makeup... I use this for my brows and eye liner too!! LOVE IT!

So this last week was the dreaded finals week for Danny so I figured I should try and stay busy and out of his hair while he got everything done!  I lots of time for girl time!!! I've been visiting with Lisa on Tuesday nights which has been so freaking amazing I love it, and I went down to Harriman to see the two little ones!!! I hadn't seen baby Alaina ever!! So I jumped at the chance to go down and join the baby play day. It was sooooo great to see Ashley and Chelsea.  I miss our gang of girls (Cheals, Ash, Alice, and Shelli) so much when we don't get to see each other.  And I also got to spend the evening at the Cooks with Riot and Annie this week too and play and have dinner.  All these girls are so amazing! I'm so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends, who are wonderful examples and strong loving girls!!! :')

And Riot wanted to cuddle with me after his bath while mommy and I chatted!

Amidst everything Danny and I were able to squeeze in a game of Hand and Foot with grandma and grandpa, it's a card game my family plays ALL the time.... Needless to say... we smoked them!!!

This week grandpa and I went to get veggie dogs from the mall! :P Grandma is on Jenny Craig so she won't go anywhere so grandpa and I go! :)
 Here is grandpa and some creepy lady who photo bombed my picture!!! Well kind of! :P
 Here is grandpa spinning the wheel to see what prize he wins!
 FREE FRENCH FRIES!! Those are grandpa's favorite!! He always steals everyones french fries but insists he doesn't want his own! He only wants them if he can sneak them from some else!
 Other than that just hanging around and getting things done! Danny is now serving as the 16-17 year old Sunday school teacher at church which is a great calling for him! March is upon us... and that means the crazy St. Patrick's Day rush for me! :P I'm going to need a lot of chocolate, and candles this month :P