Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lambourne Loop

Just a jumble of things going on lately! Mostly getting ready for our trip to Germany soon! :)

Teddy has been his usual self! When he wants attention he decided to lay across grandma's puzzle till she pays attention! :)

My little sister had a project for school where they bring home a baby for a few days.... kind of weird.. They have sensors in them and they know what happens to the baby and it reflects in their grade. So they have to feed them and all this  stuff it's pretty interesting.  Here is my Mom holding her "grand baby"

St. Patricks Day show is over it went really well all of my dancers did amazing and the costuming all worked out and the world kept spinning! :) :P  Here is a picture of two of my little dancers stretching at the end of class before the performance!

We also had the final championships for church ball a couple weeks ago!:P Danny is such a good player it's really fun to watch him... even on his "bad" days!  This game they blew the other team out of the water!

The score was like 60- 40 but they took the score off the scoreboard right as I was taking a picture of it!

Danny and I went out for a Sunday drive to try and find some of the school houses he saw when he got lost in a neighborhood... we didn't find them but we found all these dear! It was so quiet and really cool to see them all out grazing!

 I got my hair done this week! It was time... :P I also cut my bangs which I don't have a picture of but I'm sure a lot of the Germany pictures will have my new bangs in them! :P This was a picture I took for Lisa :P

 Took this picture on my phone I just really liked it!  Keeps me remembering what I need to do to make sure that I'm infusing love, kindness and happiness into our marriage. I love quotes like this are there any quotes that you've been loving lately?


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