Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Babies, Finals and Friends!

So I didn't do an update last week so this is from the last two weeks! :) Nothing really major has gone on but lots of little things here and there!

This was a clinic that I held at dance with all the dancers we did a lot of stregthening and thera-band work I had a lot of fun and I think the kids did too! :)

So Danny plays basketball on Wednesday nights so this particular day was a relaxing escape for me! Hot coco, my favorite candle EVER ( Marshmallow Fireside from B&BW) and Tuesdays with Morrie which I actually finished this night!! Such a great great book! Loved it!
 Danny loves Gerber Daisies so be brought some home  for Flower Friday!

 THEY FINALLY ARRIVED! Danny was having a lot of trouble with his feet and so we ordered him special Basketball shoes for his birthday that we got costume made they took about a month and a half to get here but he is soooo excited!!! I should've taken a picture of the shoe!! I will for a later post! They have his initials on them and his nickname on the tongue and stuff it's pretty cool!

 Makeup haul!!! I really haven't bought much makeup recently but I picked up a few things and I LOVE the sonia kashuk palette!!! It's from target, I think it's the only eye makeup I will bring to Germany with me! It has EVERYTHING I need for my makeup... I use this for my brows and eye liner too!! LOVE IT!

So this last week was the dreaded finals week for Danny so I figured I should try and stay busy and out of his hair while he got everything done!  I lots of time for girl time!!! I've been visiting with Lisa on Tuesday nights which has been so freaking amazing I love it, and I went down to Harriman to see the two little ones!!! I hadn't seen baby Alaina ever!! So I jumped at the chance to go down and join the baby play day. It was sooooo great to see Ashley and Chelsea.  I miss our gang of girls (Cheals, Ash, Alice, and Shelli) so much when we don't get to see each other.  And I also got to spend the evening at the Cooks with Riot and Annie this week too and play and have dinner.  All these girls are so amazing! I'm so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends, who are wonderful examples and strong loving girls!!! :')

And Riot wanted to cuddle with me after his bath while mommy and I chatted!

Amidst everything Danny and I were able to squeeze in a game of Hand and Foot with grandma and grandpa, it's a card game my family plays ALL the time.... Needless to say... we smoked them!!!

This week grandpa and I went to get veggie dogs from the mall! :P Grandma is on Jenny Craig so she won't go anywhere so grandpa and I go! :)
 Here is grandpa and some creepy lady who photo bombed my picture!!! Well kind of! :P
 Here is grandpa spinning the wheel to see what prize he wins!
 FREE FRENCH FRIES!! Those are grandpa's favorite!! He always steals everyones french fries but insists he doesn't want his own! He only wants them if he can sneak them from some else!
 Other than that just hanging around and getting things done! Danny is now serving as the 16-17 year old Sunday school teacher at church which is a great calling for him! March is upon us... and that means the crazy St. Patrick's Day rush for me! :P I'm going to need a lot of chocolate, and candles this month :P

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