Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Birthdays,Vanity Searching and Teddy!

SO we were just driving along searching for furniture stores to fine me a better vanity, and suddenly came upon this sign and had to take a picture!!

Here is Danny being.... Danny...

So March is a big birthday month in our family lots and lots of birthdays!  Grandpa's birthday as well as my younger siblings who are twins birthdays' were all last week!

We took grandpa out to Red Robin, which I'm pretty sure he picked because he knows Danny likes it and we don't go there as much because Grandma doesn't like it:P But here he is enjoying is Birthday dessert!

We also went to a Brazilian Restaurant for their birthday with the whole family! We even facetimed my sister who is away at college!

Danny and my Dad
 Danny and me.... looking at Danny through the camera! :P

 Posing for the camera

 Here is the rest of the table, at least the one side!

 Other than that a pretty mellow week! And Teddy hasn't been feeling great but here he is chillin on the couch!
 And giving Kitty kisses!!!


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