Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where Have All the Children Gone?

An interesting article came up on facebook today, and for some reason I have felt very compelled to speak out about it!

The article is quite interesting and I recommend reading it!

When someone asked me why the article was so sad I just felt that it needed some exaplaination and I figured I would post it hear on my blog just to remember my thoughts and feelings at the time.

I just think it's sad that society as a whole doesn't see the joy that comes from having a family and especially kids. I feel that some women are not having children, when it's such a wonderful blessing and experience, just to be able to "do their own thing" or they don't want the responsibility that comes with it... I guess I'm just really blessed to see strong, independent women who have beautiful families with children and I see the happiness their children bring them. I just feel sad for those women who give all that up for something they think is better. They'll never know the selfless joy that comes from having another human be completely reliant on them, or the heartache that comes from a child that is their own flesh and blood tasting of life's failures. They'll never have that intimate connection with a spouse that only comes from raising a child together. Everyone has to make their own choice, that's right for them...but it's sad to me that the choice for so many women is to forego this joy for other things.

Now in saying this I don't think woman should never have careers or never have other hobbies or you should force woman to have children.  I just feel sad that more and more woman avoiding the wonderful opportunity of having children.  It's probably one of the most difficult things we as woman will ever be entrusted.  The emotional, physical and psychological difficulties last far beyond the infant stages but there is no other experience that can compare with that of raising a child...

Just my thoughts and opinions :)


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