Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Life Size Statue

Okay.  So one of my dancer's husband needed a model for a statue that he was creating for a dance studio.  She came to me and said they needed some one my exact size, weight blah blah.. and asked if I would do it! So I DID!!! Here are the pictures it turned out amazing...

Here is the molding and casting of the hand...

 and foot....

 and face... the face was crazy... I had mascara on and I guess the stuff adhered to the mascara... needless to say I left with few eyelashes less than I came with :P but no big deal totally worth it!

The finished face.... kind of weird to see myself in... stone?
The  finished feet

This is my favorite picture I love how the light hits it!

Placed in it's new home. :)

Such a cool experience! So grateful I had the opportunity to fill in as a model! :) And I am now forever a statue! :)


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