Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recent Happenings

All sorts of random things happening recently. First I got to see Danny play basketball for the first time! Very cool just church ball but it was still really cool! And he is way good! :) 
Here is Danny after playing being a goof in the drive way!

The week before that game Danny messed up his ankle pretty bad its all black and blue, so while he does his school reading he's been icing it!  Teddy is always so anxious to help!! :P

 This weekend on the 11th was also the day my Aunt Jenifer went in to the hospital to have a hysterectomy performed.  She's back home now and doing well.

On the 12th my parents got into their new house!!  Lots of moving and people around to help!  We're so glad they finally got into their new home.  They are still unpacking but they're home!!

Picture of all the snow everyone was moving boxes just to the right of the picture but the snow was so pretty I had to take a picture!

This was actually dinner we had three of four of the Subway catering trays but this was what was left at the end of the day and some people came and ate it for dinner!

Another picture of the snow... We had a HUGE storm this last weekend and it's been freezing! The pipes in the studio even froze luckily when I put the heater under the sink it thawed out and didn't do any damage!
We finally got the pilot on the fireplace relit after a few years... This is Teddy's new favorite spot!
Other than the freezing weather and my parents moving, the semester started back up for Danny and I'm on a huge organizing kick! With everything!! hahaha Especially our place since now my sisters have moved out and are in their new house, we have space again and we can actually unpack Danny's boxes! :P

Lots of planning for dance we are holding our own feis in May... I can't believe it! And I'm going to Germany to judge the World of Irish Dance Association's World Championship!!!! AHHHHH I'm so excited I can't even believe it!! :)


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