Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas was sooo much fun! With everyone in the house we all woke up and all ate pancakes and waffles before opening presents... which I'm pretty sure is a first in my families history because we always have opened presents before breakfast! :P

Our tree Christmas morning :)

My family  <3

I love Danny's cheesy smile! :P

Our excited Christmas faces!

My parents got a house AND a jag from their employee in CA! :p
This was the funniest gift I got!  Danny though they were super cute! :P  No we are not pregnant! 
Danny asked my parents for bedding that was on sale and I LOVE it! :) Such a smart man my husband and he's got good taste too! :)
After gifts were all put away the girls watched Cinderella with Brandy because Kenzie (my sister) got it for Christmas! :)

We all got ready for dinner and our family gift exchange!  Dinner was amazing and we facetimed my Uncle Jonny and Uncle Mark to say Merry Christmas!  Danny got 2 huge boxes of protein bars at the exchange and I got a very very cute pink Brighton pen from my aunt! :)

It was such a fun Christmas this year the best I can remember in a long time!  It was just happy and peaceful and we had snow and it was just so awesome!  I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family, and amazing husband and a wonderful Brother who was born in a manager so long ago, and who died for all of us that we might live, learn, and return to our Father in Heaven.  Merry Christmas!!


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