Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Sick, Holiday Activities

We went to Danny's usual Monday night basketball game which was fun as usual.  However, the team didn't do too well and Danny was pretty frustrated, but I had fun gabbing with the other wives.

So first off my Aunt was rummaging through some things this week and found this entry about me and my little cousin Elle I just thought it was  so sweet I had to save it!

I picked up these two festive nail polishes this week! I just thought they were so pretty!!

 I have been lucky enough to get some short gross sickness my head is killing and I'm achey all over and just want it to go away. So in my sickness stupor, my little kitty decided to snuggle with me while I slept.... I know I know someone went a little picture crazy.

This week was alway the studios Christmas Recital didn't go as great as I had planned but we learned a lot of interesting lessons and we had A LOT of new dancers who had never performed before so it was just a little crazy.

Not to mention I got to meet my sisters AMAZING dorm parents CORY AND GRETCHEN!! They are seriously such sweet and amazing people it was so nice of them to come out.  And Gretchen come to the Christmas recital and Cory went to the Jazz game with grandpa.

Last but not least, we had our Stake Christmas presentation for church.  I played a flute part for it... and was so tried after I just went home while Danny and grandpa stayed behind to watch the rest of the program. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the season and each other! :D

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