Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Christmas Decorating, Snow, Vlogging with Friends

Last week started off with Rec Basketball for Danny.  I come and video the games.  His team is't very good but Danny loves to play. Here was the score from their last game they lost by 1!!  :/

Last week I also got an influenster box which had free products in it to review! Fun!!
I've also been working on my flute part for the Stake Fireside this coming Sunday.

We also got to help my Mom tie bows and cards on her packages for Festival of Trees!
Mckenzie Grandma and Mom at work.

Neighborhood Christmas Party! We came three hours early and helped set up for the party Our good friends Kallie and Jordan were there! Kallie sang a beautiful solo for the program! GO KALLIE! :) And we met some new young marrieds in the ward too!

It has snow quite a bit recently! I love the back yard lights shining from under the snow looks so peaceful!

Speaking of SNOW!! Here was the snow pile outside our studio door. I just laughed luckily I had a windshield scrapper in my car so I could get to the shovel inside!
 AND ...

We got the Christmas decorations up!!! We have a little apartment but it's still fun to decorate! 

 MORE snow pictures! I just can't believe how blue the sky gets! It has been EXTREMELY cold recently because it has dumped snow and then cleared out and been about 5 degrees in the middle of the day! Craziness!

I also got to film a Vlog (Video blog) with a friend of mine from down the street! She is the best! It's been so great to get to know her better here is the video!!

Until next week!!


From the Lambournes!

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