Tuesday, November 19, 2013

UPDATE: Lambourne Loop: New studio

I was doing so well, weekly blogging for so long... and things got tough and I stopped. How lame... I also get into this problem where there is so much to say that it just keeps building and I just get more and more overwhelmed and so I just don't write anything... so... I'm starting where we're at right now.

Danny is still in school for his masters degree in business. He recently scaled back on the number of credits he was taking for my sanity and his and seems to be feeling much better and having a little bit more time to do the things he enjoys!  He joined a basketball league team. Sorry if thats not exactly the correct term but it's a bunch of guys that live in our county and they all get together and play. It's been a lot of fun coming and filming the games and chatting with the other wives/girlfriends of the other players!

We've also moved into a much bigger studio for my Irish Dance classes which was a huge undertaking!! Danny has done a great job at managing all the logistics so that I could continue to focus on the dancing aspect of everything. Which has been a huge help! Here are the before and after photos of that!

    Before                                                                                         After

It's really coming together nicely! :)

On another note it has started to get cold here! First snow of the season!

So I'm going to try and jump back on the band wagon with my weekly Lambourne Loop!! :)


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