Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lambourne Loop: Date Day, 3D Movie, Memorial Day, Summertime Fun

 So one afternoon Danny and I decided to take an outdoor adventure to a nearby park! OH MY GOSH!! This place was HUGE! We walked forever but it was so cool! There were little walkways through the forest, tons of birds, bridges, and huge rocks for Danny to climb on! :) It was a really nice afternoon date! :)

A bunch of our family went and say Starwars in 3D! It's been forever since I saw the first one so it was a little hazy! :) We snapped a few shots of a couple of us in our "stylish" 3D glasses!! :P

Memorial Day BBQ- A bunch of family came over for BBQ!  Because it was so nice out I took the scooter down to the store to get some chips for the BBQ the upper right picture is the chip strapped to the back of the scooter! :) Under that is a picture of some of the cousins playing with soccer balls, footballs... and there might have been a frisbee going as well!  Bottom left is grandma sitting on a lazy boy with the shoulder massager! She ABSOLUTELY loved it!! :) and top left is Kenz and Janessa posing for the camera by one of the food tables! :)

It's getting to get really really nice out! Super warm but with a breeze so you don't die! I love it Teddy likes to come and sit outside with me but it get so hot he likes to get under my sun hat for shade so one day I brought his little house out for him to relax in while we sat outside! :P  OH! I got new nail polish this week! Oh my gosh! It's sooo cool! love the holographic colors! :)  And then there is Danny...... hanging from the basketball hoop... no surprise there... though interesting pose I must say!

There there was our sister shopping day! Allora just got her whole throat taken out (tonsils and adenoids) and this was her first big venture out of the house since her surgery! :) Bottom right- We went to a place called Subzero which is this place where they mix all the ingredients up and then freeze the ingredients with Nitrogen to make ice cream right in front of you. It was so fun to have a sister day... although it would've been even MORE fun with my other sister TOO!! But what can you do?

I'm so excited for Summer it's been a loooong winter and I'm loving being outside FINALLY! :)


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