Thursday, January 24, 2013

Torie's Birthday Events

Okay so my birthday was Friday, and I haven't had time to blog about it so here it is!  

On my Birthday Danny took off work and we went and saw "The Impossible" It was the movie about the tsunami in Asia in 2005.. I think? Any way... gruesome movie...  It wasn't a documentary it was based off a true story of a family that survived the disaster.  The little boys were soooooo cute. But man it was very graphic...and exhausting it was so intense I literally was totally exhausted after seeing it!

After that Danny went and bought me flowers which he likes to do typically on Friday's.  Though this time he was definitely not impressed with the bouquet be bought.  When we got it home he rearranged them and took out the flowers he didn't like and put them in another vase.

After we got home I got to open my presents from Danny. I got a beautiful swarovski necklace of a shamrock, an awesome clock for the dance studio and, new dance clothes (YAY)!!!

For dinner we went to my favorite place Teppanyaki! Love their sushi!! yummy!!  (as a side note on the weekends we eat whatever we want because of family dinners and such) I didn't take pictures there because I forgot my my Mom, grandma and grandpa and Ashton were there. My Dad was in CA working.

The next day because we have multiple birthdays in January in our family we had a family dinner at a place called Ruth Chris.  We like that place and so we decided it would be fun to go there after we picked my Dad up from the airport!

 Here is me with my dessert! :P

And a picture of my decorated birthday plate! :P

I definitely ate way way too much but it was a fun night, after Danny and grandpa ended up going to the Jazz game from the restaurant and riding home with a friend from the ward!

All in all a pretty great birthday though... I'm getting OLD!! :P



  1. Seriously, so old tor. Ha. You're not old at all. Cute picture of you! I hope it was a very happy birthday!

    1. awww thanks Chels!! :P hahahah Danny says he's going to have to apply for AARP by the time we have kids :P He thinks we're way old! :P