Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Home in the Kitchen

This week with our new eating habits of trying to eliminate all animal products including dairy has been interesting.  The first few days were the hardest for me then it all seems to be okay.  I spend more time this week cooking in the kitchen than I have probably in my entire life! Lots of chopping, cutting mincing ect.  Although I've learned that doing this in advance makes meal prep a heck of a lot easier!

Even our cat has been going crazy with all the time we spend in the kitchen!
 As crazy as things were we still managed to stay on course, we did have a few things that weren't menu appropriate... But that's okay! Our goal was just to eat more healthy with a diet that is more focused on whole foods and fruits and vegetables than anything else and this week we accomplished that!
Danny helping me cut up a particularly strong onion, and crying the whole way!

All in all pretty crazy week!  Other than eating a brand new diet, Danny finished his first set of finals for the masters program and I am prepping for our seasonal dance show for Halloween! 

I hope this coming week will be a great week, with everything we have to do!!

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