Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teddy's Great Adventure

           So.... someone in our neighborhood either is on the hunt for Teddy or is setting out traps to catch other animals and happened to catch Teddy.
            Now Teddy started out as an indoor cat but because he's so darn smart he learned how to open doors.  So unless every door in the entire house is locked he will open the door and walk right out.  Secondly, we haven't had great lucks with collars.  He will take off the collar, hide the ID tag under the bed, the collar outside in the flower beds, and the bell in-between the cushions of the couch!!!  So keeping a collar on the beast is a challenge.
           He got out Wednesday morning, and then didn't come back that night... which is really really weird for him.  We calked it up to him needed some space and left the dog door open so he could come in.  The next morning... still no Teddy so I'm getting really worried.  Thursday around noon I called the pound to see if they'd picked him up.  They said they hadn't picked up a cat by that description.  SO we waited and waited.... Still nothing... so I'm preparing for the worst.  Of course we prayed to help Teddy to come home, and I prayed probably 20 times that we'd find him.
          Friday rolls around and we still haven't seen any sign of Teddy.  We design a flyer that we were going to go put on all the neighbors doors to see if maybe someone had let them in their house or something.  Here is what the flyer looked like (minus my phone number) :P
 SO I was just about to go put the flyers out when I just felt like I should call the pound again.  Which I wasn't going to because they said they hadn't seen anything the day before.  But I decided to call anyway.  They said they had picked up five cats in our area and then they described one that sounded just like Teddy!!! I freaked out!!! I jumped in the car to see if it was! Sure enough there was my little

They had him in this little tiny crate and he was so so so scared!!! He was shaking and all his fur was falling out it was so sad :(

So after a $30 ticket for having a cat "off-leash" (ridiculous) a $30 ticket for not have proof of current rabies license (because he didn't have a collar or tags) and a $48 boarding fee (which should've only been $24 because I called to see if he was there before the second day), they let me take him home.
Napping after his traumatic experience he slept for two days!

The whole night after I brought him home he slept either right on my chest or right next to me!  We've been trying to keep him inside but we figured it's only a matter of time before he sneaks out so we went to the Petco and bought another collar and tag (probably the 6th or 7th I've boughten him) and harness and a leash!  We're gonna try and let him out and tie him up out back so he can still go outside but can't get out of the yard... we'll see if that works out... And if he does sneak out he's got a collar and ID tag so hopefully we can keep it on him, and keep him from the pound!
He's such a baby!

This was him last year enjoying some freshly juiced carrot juice!  One of my favorite pictures of him!
We're glad he's home and safe!

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